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How It Works


Once you find someone who gets your interest, follow their profile by swiping right. BidBid will notify you when it’s time to get bidding on their auction!


Once you have won the auction, it’s time to have your Meet & Greet! Whether you feel more comfortable meeting on or offline, that’s up to you.


Whether it’s for an interview, a dinner date through the screen, or meeting someone new to play tennis, relax and be yourself!

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Network, socialize, and connect with intention. Promote yourself and support the causes you love on BidBid’s auction-based platform.

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Featured Ambassadors

Are you the world’s #1 college sports fan? Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a world-renowed chef? Our ambassadors are here to answer all of your questions! Take a peek at our featured ambassadors and get bidding!

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