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Networking opens a lot of doors. Whether you want to kick-off your career or find an inspiring mentor, you’ve come to the right place. Create professional connections with people who value your skills and your time. Leveling up your career has never been easier.

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Just moved to a new town? Looking for fresh faces to hang out with? We’re here to help! Make new, lasting friendships built on authenticity. Your weekends will get a whole lot busier.


Ready to meet your match? Let’s make it happen! Safely meet people in your city or use our travel mode to search for love all over the world.

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Why We Bid

Tired of online connections that don’t go anywhere? So are we! Our auction-based model makes meeting people who excite and inspire you easier than ever. BidBid allows you to auction your time and bid on others, so every Meet & Greet is worth your time. Not to mention, a portion of every auction or bid you make is directly donated to charity.

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