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The everything for everyone app. BidBid™ is an auction-based all in one app for Career, Social, & Dating connections

Whatever You’re Searching For, BidBid™ Has It


Career Networking

You’ve heard it before; networking is vital when it comes to building and maintaining a successful career. BidBid’s™ auction system allows you to meet with people who value your time, who want to help you develop your knowledge or explore your expertise.


Social Exploration

Identifying and cultivating relationships into lasting friendships is difficult. With BidBid™, every connection, no matter the context, is intentional. Helping out your community while expanding your social network has never been easier.


Dating Connections

Swiping left and right, receiving silly or absurd messages; or even worse, none at all. BidBid™ wants to help you get away from the insignificance of swiping left and right. Connect with people who have a legitimate interest in meeting with you and form worthwhile, long-lasting connections.

How It Works

What Sets BidBid™ Apart

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Meaningful Connections

Say goodbye to mindless swiping! BidBid’s™ auction function guarantees that whoever you meet with, wants to meet with you too. Whether it be for social, or career reasons, connections formed on BidBid™ are lasting because they are deliberate.


Community Focus

When you connect with someone, it’s up to you to choose how much of the bid goes to charity; better yet, you get to choose the cause. Not only do you spend valuable time with interested connections, you are benefitting and strengthening your community in the meantime.


Travel Friendly

There’s no better way to explore a new place or bring added purpose to a trip than BidBid™. With guaranteed connections, you’ll never be truly alone. Give yourself the opportunity to create and build relationships of any kind, wherever it is you decide to go.

More About BidBid™

BidBid aims to relieve the pressure of meeting new people online. Structured schedules and public settings take the pressure off for introductions, and with high profile customization, you can choose when and how you’d like to auction. Coupled with the free will to donate as much of a bid as you choose to charity, BidBid is helping you make your social life purposeful and intentional.

Give yourself the freedom to create meaningful connections with people all over the world. Whether you are looking to connect with someone romantically, platonically, or even professionally, BidBid wants to ensure that you are getting the most out of your time with your connections, and with us.

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