What Sets BidBid Apart


Bid for a Cause

Dedicate auctions to your favorite charities and make a difference in the world by donating to a cause you love.


Know Your Worth

Name your price! Auction your time to bring value back into your dating, social, and networking connections.

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Borderless Connections

Meet people across the world with our Global setting. You’ll never feel alone in a new place again. Bon voyage!

Why BidBid

“I wanted to create a platform for people to make more meaningful connections.”

–Doug Guller, BidBid Founder & CEO

They say a picture tells a thousand words, but how have we become so comfortable judging someone from a single photo? That never felt right to us. Connections happen when we experience people for who they truly are. When we watch someone’s facial expressions and hear their voice, a photo in an app becomes an actual person. These moments are what inspired BidBid.

The BidBid app combines networking, socializing, and dating into a single auction-based platform to encourage meaningful, authentic connections.

Your time is valuable – start bidding!

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